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SpokenPro is a language school that offers the most incredible online courses and free webinars.

Spokenpro's students receive high-quality lessons

Spokenpro’s students receive high-quality lessons, learning suggestions, and activities in one location! The company’s goal is to help people enhance their English, Spanish, or French language skills while having fun.

The Prodigious eLearning Courses for you

The company has free webinars where students may learn how to start learning languages online and more about what to anticipate from an online course at Spokenpro. It’s perfect for anybody interested in learning more about what Spokenpro has to offer, how it works, and whether they want to work there.

The Prodigious eLearning Courses for you

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I’m a former English teacher from the United Kingdom who has been teaching English in various countries with over ten years of experience.
I’ve been teaching German for more than 25 years now. I love seeing my students grasp this language and excel in it.
I have been teaching and instructing Spanish for more than five years. I love being a teacher and seeing how my pupils develop over time.

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You can practice speaking and receive feedback in small groups of 3-5.

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24/7 availability: you can learn day or night, weekday or weekend.

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CEFR aligned language courses catering to all learning levels.

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All of our online language courses are taught by native, qualified instructors using real-world materials. A certified, native-speaking teacher will lead your class.

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