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Designed to teach learners from children to adults, we can help you learn to speak Kannada online in a practical, fun & easy way. With our finest Kannada Coaches and our well-designed course, you can learn Kannada speaking online in just 20 Classes!
Level – 1 Spoken kannada classes for Beginners
In this course, you will
Gain skills to be able to structure sentences in the Kannada Language
Get well-versed with the essential phrases and the most common expressions used in the Kannada-speaking world
Gain a basic understanding of the types of sentences and expressions related to relevant areas
Spoken Kannada Classes for Beginners
Curriculum (20 sessions)
  • Introduction to Kannada. Introducing yourself
  • Simple Greetings, First and Second Person Pronouns
  • Suffixes for pronouns, plurals, and how much, how many?
  • Verb Endings, Verb Endings for First-person and Second person pronouns, negatives, and small conversation
  • Active Voice & Passive Voice, Open-ended Questions, Third Person Pronouns, Verb Endings for Third person pronouns
  • Suffixes, Directions, Revision, Usage of Tense of a verb
  • Most Common Verbs and their variations with examples – Part 1
  • Most Common Verbs and their variations with examples – Part 2
  • Most Common Verbs and their variations with examples – Part 3
  • Understanding Tenses with Verb examples in all the formats – Part 1
  • Understanding Tenses with Verb examples in all the formats – Part 2
  • Conjunctions, Number Systems
  • Vibhakthi Pratyayas – Case Systems
  • Adjectives, Genders, Ordinal Numbers and other grammar
  • Conversations Part 1
  • Conversations Part 2
  • Conversations Part 3
Level – 2   Advanced Kannada Speaking Classes
Curriculum (20 sessions)
In this course, you will
Be able to express ideas fluently and use Spoken Kannada in a flexible and effective manner
Gain knowledge to create long speeches in Kannada and smoothly explain complex thoughts
Understand everything heard and read at ease. Summarize Information from different sources
  • Self Introduction, Meeting a Friend, My family
  • Introducing a friend, How was the day, Interviewing for a job
  • Where do you stay, Hobbies, Talking about work
  • Asking about the time, Talking about the weather, Talking with a taxi driver
  • At the shop, At the restaurant, Asking for the directions
  • At the train station, Talking on the phone, Looking for a job
  • Job Interview part 2, New Clothes, Inviting someone
  • Talking about movies, Ordering at Mc Donalds, Doctors appointment
  • At the hairdresser, Customer Service, Customer Feedback
  • The trail on Clothes, Lost items, Exchanging items
  • Chatting with a colleague, Teacher & Student, Using a Camera
  • Buying Flight Tickets, Talking about vacation
  • Buying a Foreign Currency, Job Interview 3 and Booking a hotel room
  • Talking about business, City life & Rural life, Flight Announcement
  • Selling the house, Describing the travels, Talking about the school
  • Learning New Skills, Moving to another country, My phone
  • Shopping Part 1
  • Shopping Part 2
  • Visiting a Restaurant
  • City Travel 1
  • City Travel 2
  • City Travel 3
  • Order Delivery – Food & Products
  • Domestic Help
  • Introducing a colleague, fiance, spouse, and family
Kannada Reading & Writing Classes 
Learn to read and write in Kannada, to
Complete Language proficiency tests in Competitive exams – UPSC, LLB, Bank exams, Railway Board Exams, etc
Prepare for your Research field trips
Read Kannada literature
Kannada Reading & Writing Classes 
Curriculum (20 sessions)
  • Kannada Varnamale
  • Simple Words without matra
  • Gunitaksharagalu
  • Ottaksharagalu
  • Compound words
  • Samyukthasharagalu
  • Types of Sentences and their rules
  • Reading & Writing Practice session 1
  • Reading & Writing Practice session 2
  • Reading & Writing Practice session 3
Start your Kannada learning journey today and unlock a world of opportunities! Enroll now and become proficient in Kannada in just 30 days, anytime, anywhere!

What Sets Us Apart:

What distinguishes us from the rest is our unwavering commitment to quality, expertise, and innovation. Here are some of the key elements that make us unique:

Expert Instructors:

Our courses are led by industry experts and experienced educators who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and helping you succeed.

Interactive Learning:

We believe in active, engaging learning. Our courses incorporate a variety of teaching methods, including videos, quizzes, assignments, and discussions to ensure you grasp the material effectively.

When people enter an unknown city for job-seeking, business purposes, sightseeing, vacations, or any reason firstly they must fight with fear and phobia of unknowingness. Why do we feel so insecure in the new city? We generally think that it is because of a different place, different people. The only reason which bifurcates us or differentiates us is the “language”. If you know the local language, at-least  manageable then your half problems will be solved. Knowing English and Hindi will serve you to some extent but cannot save you in an emergency. All the city dwellers are not so educated to have English understanding. Mostly dealing with maids, cab drivers, receptionists, markets we need the help of the local language.

Most people after stepping into a city will learn basic words and think they can manage with basic knowledge. Lack of complete knowledge of the language leads to uncomfortable or awkward situations when mistakes with respect to gender, tense, and so on happen. Avoid all this with affordable Spoken Pro’s programs where you are taught from scratch, with a strong base that lasts lifelong.

While surveying non-locals’ pulse and situations in Bangalore during the beginning time, SpokenPro documented the problems faced by the non-locals due to language. Considering all these, “Spoken Pro” started to teach the local language and welcomes people with minimum language awareness.

Many of SpokenPro beneficiaries’ stories also point toward growth in their business after learning the language of the land. By learning the regional language, doctors, advocates, consultants, and others have been able to build a loyal database which helped grow their practice, business, and brand.

Most apartments, gated communities have a mix of people from different states and a lot of multi-linguality is present. Therefore, Spoken Pro has coached many individuals in apartments and changed their points of view on learning other regional languages as well as given a new vision for the people. “Connect, communicate, and care” is the mantra of Spoken Pro, with a goal to teach every individual the local language of Indian and foreign language for better career opportunities .

Be professional, be local with SpokenPro!