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Founder of SpokenPro Mr. Lakshmikantha.G

Entrepreneur Language Coach Career Coach

Lakshmikantha.G, Bangalore based young and energetic entrepreneur has impacted the lives of more than 10000 people over the last couple of years through his impactful sessions and most engaging coaching classes. As a career coach, Lakshmikanth has transformed many individuals by guiding them toward developing a career niche. He has done many one on one classes, Kannada tutorials for beginners, and also group sessions. He influenced the crowd by his most unique technique and upgraded methodology which took his teaching skill to the next level. He has taught Kannada in many apartments, and they have eventually spread the word about his good work to others elsewhere as well. An easy and quick way of teaching has spread in the city. He has done many corporate classes, which rooted confidence in IT employees. Lakshmikanth follows a syllabus that is result-oriented, and one that is tested and trusted by the people. He has taken a step to start ONLINE TEACHING for which he has designed an effective system and a strong building block for teaching languages. He has also hired experts from across the country as well as the globe who have hands-on experience in teaching languages. He is bringing more innovation in ONLINE COURSES by introducing more sessions with a lot of fun, more interaction, and more group oriented. Using updated technology and online methods efficiently, online language classes can be made more impactful is his belief. His ONLINE KANNADA LEARNING classes are a proven model. His “Learn Kannada” campaign transformed society and created awareness among the community. SpokenPro undoubtedly brings change in the minds of people with respect to learning, and creates a new path for those who love learning languages. It brings an alternative to the existing system. He has taken an oath to save regional languages by teaching as many people as possible. He strongly believes that, if regional languages are saved, then indirectly, conservation of culture and heritage also happens. His idea is to connect the entire India by languages, his mission is to reach at least ten million people by next year. Languages not only connect and communicate, but it also plays a vital role in one’s career. If you are master in language, then you can win the world. So Lakshmikanth extended his language Kingdom to teach foreign languages also. He brought the amazing ecosystem to learn German, Japanese, French, Spanish, Chinese, and many more. Multiple languages in the Curriculum Vitae will be like feathers on the crown. For the job seekers planning to go abroad, it reduces the effort to learn a language after settling there, and can learn languages in their cities before stepping into the job. Most people are turning on “LEARN KANNADA ONLINE”, and these results are the best examples for others to join SpokenPro. People’s interest, and love toward learning languages propelled Lakshmikanth toward starting SpokenPro.

What Sets Us Apart:

What distinguishes us from the rest is our unwavering commitment to quality, expertise, and innovation. Here are some of the key elements that make us unique:

Expert Instructors:

Our courses are led by industry experts and experienced educators who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and helping you succeed.

Interactive Learning:

We believe in active, engaging learning. Our courses incorporate a variety of teaching methods, including videos, quizzes, assignments, and discussions to ensure you grasp the material effectively.

When people enter an unknown city for job-seeking, business purposes, sightseeing, vacations, or any reason firstly they must fight with fear and phobia of unknowingness. Why do we feel so insecure in the new city? We generally think that it is because of a different place, different people. The only reason which bifurcates us or differentiates us is the “language”. If you know the local language, at-least  manageable then your half problems will be solved. Knowing English and Hindi will serve you to some extent but cannot save you in an emergency. All the city dwellers are not so educated to have English understanding. Mostly dealing with maids, cab drivers, receptionists, markets we need the help of the local language.

Most people after stepping into a city will learn basic words and think they can manage with basic knowledge. Lack of complete knowledge of the language leads to uncomfortable or awkward situations when mistakes with respect to gender, tense, and so on happen. Avoid all this with affordable Spoken Pro’s programs where you are taught from scratch, with a strong base that lasts lifelong.

While surveying non-locals’ pulse and situations in Bangalore during the beginning time, SpokenPro documented the problems faced by the non-locals due to language. Considering all these, “Spoken Pro” started to teach the local language and welcomes people with minimum language awareness.

Many of SpokenPro beneficiaries’ stories also point toward growth in their business after learning the language of the land. By learning the regional language, doctors, advocates, consultants, and others have been able to build a loyal database which helped grow their practice, business, and brand.

Most apartments, gated communities have a mix of people from different states and a lot of multi-linguality is present. Therefore, Spoken Pro has coached many individuals in apartments and changed their points of view on learning other regional languages as well as given a new vision for the people. “Connect, communicate, and care” is the mantra of Spoken Pro, with a goal to teach every individual the local language of Indian and foreign language for better career opportunities .

Be professional, be local with SpokenPro!