Culture at Spokenpro

We maintain an efficient and effective culture at Spokenpro. We make every effort to find the best professional teacher for our students. Currently, we are working with over 1000 native language teachers. We also conduct over 900 classes per year.

For Teachers

  • We make every effort to provide an excellent work-life balance for them.
  • Teachers also have dedicated assistance personnel.
  • We also have a staff that administers the meeting schedules and other items for teachers. Making their workload lighter
  • In the current scenario, all instructors are enrolled in online programs like Zoom and Google Meet. However, we also participate in non-online classes (this is suspended during Covid).

For Students

  • We want our pupils to learn comfortably and at their own speed.
  • We have certified global teachers to help us with this. 
  • They are all given online notes related to the course to assist them.
  • We have a varied timetable for our online classes.
  • We provide one-on-one mentoring for our pupils regularly.
  • We also give counseling sessions.
  • To assist students in enhancing their abilities, we offer examinations and projects regularly.

I've always wanted to learn German. But the courses on the market were prohibitively expensive until I discovered Spokenpro and took the German course, which altered my life. The program was excellent. The instructor was really friendly and sympathetic to my situation. I've been a client of Spokenpro for almost two years now, but have never had any difficulties with the course or instructors. When compared to other online courses available in the market today, the costs are quite low.


I suggest this institute to anybody who wishes to learn a new language without spending much time studying it. Spokenpro is the finest site for learning native languages. Their instructors are incredibly attentive.

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